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(Anyone who contributes $1,000 or more (payable over two years) will be an FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life Fellow. In addition, there are four higher levels of Fellows (and contributions are cumulative).  Legacy Fellows are those who have provided the Foundation a Legacy Letter of Intent, indicating that they will be leaving the Foundation a gift upon their death.  More information on our Legacy Fellows can be found at the link above, or by clicking here:  Founding Fellows (those who joined the Foundation when it was founded) are highlighted in RED.


Check out the                 Button after our 'newest' fellows:  Dr. Steve and Heidi Mandel, Jay Steinmetz, Elaine, z'l, and Aaron Altman, Dan Granek, Mark Rosenson and Alan Budman


ABRAHAM FELLOWS – Just as Abraham was the patriarch of the Jewish people.  Abraham Fellows are the patriarchs of the Foundation. Abraham Fellows begins with a donation of $25,000 or more.

  • Anne Berman, z'l & Fay Tomick, z'l


KING SOLOMON FELLOWS – As King Solomon was the builder of the Temple, King Solomon Fellows help build the Foundation. King Solomon Fellows is open to donors of $10,000 to $24,999.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg Foundation

  • Eric & Fern Weis

  • Peter Gotlieb 

JOSHUA FELLOWS – Joshua led the Jewish people into the Promised Land. Joshua Fellows help lead the Foundation’s development.  Joshua Fellows is open to donors of $5,000 to $9,999.

  • Barry Wolfe

  • Robert Braitman

  • Lillian and Richard Gray

  • Leah & Gary Smith Family Foundation

  • Stephen Davidoff, z'l

  • Dr. Steve and Heidi Mandel


HENANI FELLOWS – When God called to Abraham he answered “Henani – Here I am!” This is your opportunity to answer Henani.  Henani Fellows is open to donors of $2,500 to $4,999.

  • Burton (Captain Ruach) Fischman, z’l

  • Beth Shalom Men’s Club, Elkins Park Pa

  • David Rose Memorial Fund

  • Sylvia And Harold Nissen

  • Midwest Region FJMC

  • New York Metro Region FJMC

  • Jeffrey & Elyse Schulman

  • Myles Simpson & Family

  • Daniel & Shiela Stern

  • Stephen A. & Arlene Neustein


FELLOWS Founders are open to donors of $1,000 to $2,499.

  • Lawrence & Myra Allen

  • Elayn, z'l & Aaron Altman  

  • Ira Bartfield

  • Samuel Berlin, z'l

  • Gerrard Berman

  • Arthur Bruckman, z'l

  • Bernie Cohen, z'l

  • Morris Diamant, z'l

  • Jack & Nora Dinsfriend

  • Stephen Dix 

  • Paul Drowos

  • Ken Elfand

  • Jerry Feldman

  • Ira Frost

  • Leonard Gimbel z'l 

  • Mark Givarz  

  • David S. Goldberg

  • Max Goldberg . z'l

  • Dan Granek 

  • Abraham Greenberg

  • David Heritch

  • Joseph Herschberg

  • In Memory of I. Murray Jacobs

  • John Kelman

  • Susan And Ed Kochman

  • Barton Kogan

  • Norman I. Kurtz

  • Irving Laker, z'l

  • Bob Levine

  • In Memory of Gil Linder

  • Morton Lang, z'l

  • Ray Lourie

  • Milton Mandel

  • Robert Mandel

  • Arnold Miller

  • Michael & Shirley Mills

  • A. Herschel Muchnick, z’l

  • Harold November, z'l

  • Dave Pelzman 

  • Jules Porter, z'l

  • New England Region FJMC

  • Northern New Jersey Region FJMC

  • Seaboard Region FJMC

  • Herman Rothenberg

  • Gene & Ruthi Sacks

  • Bob Schachter

  • Ronald Schultz

  • Abraham Silver, z'l

  • Benny Sommerfeld

  • Stephen Steckler

  • Jay Steinmetz

  • Tom Sudow

  • Irving Weintraub, z'l

  • Western Region FJMC

  • Les Agisim

  • Bill Becker

  • Marc A. & Carole Firestone

  • Allan Gottesman

  • Allan & Helene Kahan

  • Rob Kantor

  • Joel Kurtz

  • Kenneth And Lorie Matlick

  • Mitchell Ross

  • In memory of Mary Simon

  • Warren & Adele Sufrin

  • Sandy Victor

  • Steve Silverstone

  • Bob & Linda Watts

  • Doug Segerman

  • Mark Rosenson 

  • Kenneth Turkewitz

  • Alan Budman

  • Karl Rubin  

At each new level you reach, you will receive special recognition. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law, as the FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life, is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit corporation.  Special named fund opportunities also exist.

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